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Physical Education

Teacher Room Grade  
Mr. Galvez GYM 6th, 7th, & 8th  
Mr. Martinez GYM 6th, 7th, & 8th  


PE UNiform Policy

Students are expected to dress EVERYDAY including Tuesdays.  Everyone should wear a grey shirt and black shorts, black sweat pants, or black leggings (girls). There might be some days when students will not have to dress, but they will be told ahead of time. We  strongly encourage that students bring their physical education uniforms every Monday whether they have PE on Monday or not and place them in their lockers before school begins so they do not have to worry about not having your uniform the rest of the week.  Mr. Martinez or Mr. Galvez will be in the locker room on Monday mornings before school begins. On cold days and rainy days, students can bring black sweat pants and sweaters, but will need to stick to the school colors (black sweats and grey t-shirt).  If they wear a sweater, the grey PE shirt must be worn underneath the sweater.